What is Collaborative Family Law?

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The adversarial system is a costly, antiquated and ineffective way of addressing family conflict. Court battles focus on dismantling the past and build resentment by declaring one spouse the winner and the other spouse the loser.  The collaborative family law process empowers divorcing couples to resolve their conflicts outside of the court process with the help of their collaborative attorneys.

Each client is represented by his or her own attorney who is fully committed to resolving  conflict through a series of face-to-face meetings. The clients, their attorneys, as well as mental health professionals and financial experts, as needed, work together to explore the needs, interests and priorities of both spouses while managing the inherent stress of the divorce process. The process operates on the clients' timetable rather than the court's docket to promote a lasting, balanced resolution.

Top 10 Key Benefits of Collaborative Family Law:

1. Self-Responsibility

2. Mutual Problem-Solving

3. Full Disclosure

4. Private/Confidential Process

5. Avoids Uncertainty of Court and Scorch-the-Earth Litigation Tactics

6. Promotes Respect

7. Insulates Children

8. Team Approach Relieves Emotions

9. Manages Costs of Divorce

10. Creative and Durable Resolutions

What We Do: Legal and Mediation

Peace of mind for your family...

The collaborative family law approach is a choice. Choosing collaborative doesn't eliminate the inherent distrust and stress of the divorce process. With the resources available in the collaborative process, our clients avoid spending years battling it out in the courtroom and participate in the opportunity to achieve durable resolution of their conflicts. They choose a different way -  a better way.

King Collaborative Family Law is a  boutique law firm located in the Southend area of Charlotte. We provide authentic, meaningful   family law advice to our clients, and take a supportive approach to ensuring your priorities are at the forefront of our minds. Whether your divorce is amicable, or fraught with conflict, we have the skills to guide you through it and to productively manage the stress.

We also offer mediation services from a Board Certified Family Financial Mediator, certified by the Dispute Resolution Commission, to facilitate a resolution between you and your spouse.